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RelationShip manager For Assistance.

To be called for an interview it is the first important to be instantly viable in a large database of equally qualified jobseekers and drawing attention to your resume depends not only expertise and experience but also on being clearly noticeable 
Moreover, most often than not, being called for an interview largely depends on being accessible at the right place and time. With thousands of recruiters looking to fill a vacant position everyday, it can sometimes be just a matter of availability that can get you your ideal job.

We have the assistance for you in which the resume counsellor enhance your profile and the job search advisor provide you the   greater visibilty and support. Our team will support you to get the relevant jobs according to your qualification as well as your work   experience .

We have the assistance for you in which the Job Search Advisor provide you the greater visibility and support. Our team will support you to get the relevant job References according to your qualification as well as your work experience.

  1. What you will get:-
  3. 1.) The Relationship Manager search for the relevant and matching job vacancies using your profile details.
  4. 2.) Our Team will share the complete job description as well as Recruiter Contact with you through Email Id.

Time Period:-

3 Month - 5199/-

6 Month - 11999/-

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R-M Service

Gold Plan : 5199
Platinum Plan : 8199
Silver Plan : 10999


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